The Importance of Disability Representation in Everyday Life

The Importance of Wheelchair Basketball

Me playing wheelchair basketball years ago

Exercise is crucial for individuals with limited mobility, including those in wheelchairs. Basketball, specifically wheelchair basketball, holds great significance in my life. Years of playing the sport have allowed me to develop a deep understanding and passion for it. Besides the physical benefits, wheelchair basketball serves as an effective outlet for managing stress, anxiety, and pain.

For those who are unfamiliar with wheelchair basketball, it is much like regular basketball, except for players play in wheelchairs. The game requires speed, agility, and teamwork. In addition to being physically demanding, it presents a unique challenge as players must navigate their chairs on the court while dribbling, passing, and shooting. The sport requires a lot of effort, both physically and mentally, but it is incredibly rewarding. Playing wheelchair basketball significantly improved my strength, endurance, and overall physical health.

Another benefit of wheelchair basketball is the sense of community it provides. Being part of a team and having a supportive community has been incredibly beneficial for me and many others. While I don’t play on a team anymore, It’s a safe space where we can all come together and compete, socialize, and support each other.

Another critical aspect of wheelchair basketball is the opportunity it provides to break down barriers. Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities can often be viewed as less capable, but the sport helps dispel this stereotype. When people watch us play, they see that we are athletes with strength, skill, and determination. We can inspire others to see people with disabilities in a new light, which is incredibly empowering.

Wheelchair basketball has had a profound impact on my life, both physically and emotionally. I encourage everyone, regardless of ability, to try it out and see for themselves how dynamic and fulfilling the sport can be. It offers individuals with limited mobility a way to stay active while providing a therapeutic outlet for managing stress and anxiety. While I do not play anymore on a team anymore, I do still go out to the court often to shoot around to get the exercise and peace of mind I need.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Sabrina; I grew up in Mill Valley, California, and I love to visit when possible. I now live in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up using a wheelchair I knew my life would be very different. But I didn’t see people that looked like me until I started playing wheelchair basketball as a teenager. Then, in college, the visibility of disabilities grew (in my opinion and experience).

After graduation, I worked for the Jewish Los Angeles Special Needs Trust, which helps people with disabilities supplement their government benefits with affordable, professional special needs trust services.

After leaving that job, I eventually got my paralegal certificate and currently work in Family Law.

Throughout my life, I realized the importance of representation and of people who look like you and have a similar experience. My experience as a wheelchair user may be different than others, but it may prove helpful for someone else.