What People Say
                                I have never seen a person who speaks so much life and has a
                                very good sense of humor. Sitting in his teachings has changed
                                my life from the inside out. It was just the inspiration I needed
                                for my life at this point.
                    Everton Amanda
                Pre-university college student
                     Prakash, XI                                 To set my principles high and follow them. To share my struggles with
                                accountability partner and have a counselor. What touched me, was
                                that we need to set an example. This world is really corrupted and
                                even the society. I realize that we need to be the light in the darkness.
                                Thank you so much for being the angel who entered my life and
                                changed it . I can see the change coming. It was an amazing
                                experience. I am now going to be an entirely different person
                                from now on. All the sessions have inspired me, especially the
                                one on relationships . Thank you so, so, so… much. I will not
                                forget this.
                    Rina Joseph, XI
                     S. Jeba, X                                 Thank you very much for all that you have done to make us move
                                forward. I used to always think lowly of myself. In my class there are
                                28 girls and I used to say I am the 28th one because I am good for
                                nothing. I was not able to figure out my talent, just degrade myself.
                                On the 8th of August, when I heard you speak, I just changed myself..
                                nothing. I changed my mind too. I made the decision not to have
                                negative thoughts about me.
                                    Volunteer's talk
                                Every program with the Beyond Barriers Team has been
                                 a platform of great forward. learning from the leaders who
                                 have significantly contributed towards my spiritual growth
                                and challenged me to set right example for others to follow.
                        Vasantha. P
                    John Hyde, Bangalore                                 Beyond Barriers is doing a fabulous job which really helps kids and
                                teens to focus on the right things and have the right perspective.
                                It teaches them to value life and not be careless with respect to
                                various areas of their lives.