For Teenagers Porn Kills Love What is the purpose of Porn? Porn does not stop rather it pushes you to act out what you have seen.
For Teenagers True Love waits Have you drawn some kind of line in your relationship?Where is that line for you now?
For Teenagers Forgiveness It is the process.Should we forgive? How do we forgive the undeserving and unforgivable?
For Teenagers Unforgiveness We begin to have an attitude that others don’t do anything for us and we are the best ones on planet earth.
For Teenagers Right or wrong There is nothing called blue wrong, red wrong, yellow wrong or white wrong or a little wrong
For Teenagers Hold On Storms are to be faced head on. They make us stronger.It’s definitely easier said than done. It is tough.
For Teenagers Live or Thrive We started functioning based on old oil.And many of us are actually afraid to hear anything new.
For Teenagers Fear Many people, youth and teens messing up lives because of a past experience, a past feeling, a past incident
For Teenagers Dating Abuse and Violence Why do things change all of a sudden? Why do frustrations occur in a smooth loving relationship?
For Teenagers BF-GF Dating Just because you get connected right away, do not assume that this relationship is going to work out!
For Teenagers Monster Love vs Master Love How do you know when you are driven by Monster Lust? How do you know if it's Master Love
For Teenagers Do Not Cross Limit! When boundaries and limits and rules are broken then it is not real freedom,it puts you in chains.
For Teenagers There is No Microwave Dating Pursue wholeness, the less you will feel like you need a dating relationship to be whole.
For Teenagers Foundational Commitments Even the starting of a relationship has to be right at the right time, the right way.
For Teenagers Purity- the need of the hour Fake connections-A relationship that is superficial; there is no authenticity and depth.
For Teenagers Purity is Security Any life that walks sincerely, will only protect, encourage and be a blessing to others around.
For Teenagers Purity in Heart Cradling wrong emotions is like you consuming poison hoping that your neighbour will die
For Teenagers Purity in Mind Be careful of what you watch, read or hear, on your gadgets, during your Googling time. Be wise
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