How far will we allow our teenagers to get caught up in the habits that ravage their lives?
Can we pretend to be blind to the lack of focus in the lives and careers of our talented, potential teens?
How can we sleep as our children rebel against their own parents, the ones who pour out their lives to raise them up?
How can we damage our own family institutions by letting young teens get involved in emotional and physical adultery?

How much longer will we remain silent? Something must be done.
It is time to stand with the tender lives of kids and teens and help them out.

Beyond Barriers gives an answer to those persistent, pertinent problems of the present generation.
We envision to invest into these young lives by dealing with imminent issues and problems,
professionally and effectively.

We believe in partnerships. We are ready. Are you?

The Visionary

George Ebenezer

CEO of Beyond Barriers

George   Ebenezer   Vincent, the CEO of  Beyond Barriers, was born in the  garden  city of  Bengaluru,
in  Karnataka,  India. George Ebenezer is a recognized personality in the  field of human  engineering
and   development.  As an  individual,  George   Ebenezer Vincent has traveled  to nearly 156 cities in
India and  over 20 countries  in the past 20 years. He had worked  with some of the  brightest   minds
in the  training and  developmental field, formulating programs on life  skills and value education  for
international and  residential  schools, youth and children camps, programs, life  skill  sessions    and
summer     camps,   and    the  like.  His  direct   contact   with    kids    and    young   adolescents    in
various    contexts and cultures  gives  him an edge as he understands  and connects with the present
young generation  on a deeper  heart level. He had  spoken to over 545,000  kids and teens  in   more
than 200 different  educational contexts. He captures the attention of young  audiences with his  God
- given    ability    of   communication   and   additional   talents   like   singing,   acting,  miming,  and
ventriloquism.His wife, Manju George travels along with  him and does sessions,  particularly for girls.
They  are  the   proud  parents   of  Jedidiah,  their  son.  George  and  Manju  also  have  adopted nine
children    and   they  make    their  lovely     home  called  "Santhosa   Samsara-  *One    joyful   family"